What’s your style?
I love documentary photography, and I will approach your wedding in that way. But when I take your portraits, I will give you some direction to help with poses that are the most flattering. I am here to make you look good.

Do you photograph details and family group photos?
Yes! No wedding photography collection would be complete without them, and I take all the photographs you would expect out of any wedding photographer. But my goal is also go past those expectations and give you photographs that you never even imagined.

How do we hire you?
Easy. Just tell me what you would like in your collection, and we will send you a price list. After choosing your package, we will sign a contract and pay the deposit. After that, you can count on me to be there with my cameras for the most anticipated day of your life.

Do you travel for weddings, engagement sessions or assignments?
Yes, I travel all over the world. I have been in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Dominican republic, France, Swiss, Serbia, Croatia, Zanzibar, USA, Iceland, Azores, Georgia, UK, Russia.

After the wedding how long does it take to receive our photos? Delivery time varies depending on what month you get married. December through June weddings can expect to have their images within 5-8 weeks. July through November weddings will be delivered 8-12 weeks after the wedding.

How many images will you deliver? More images than you can shake a stick at. I average 700 to 900 images upon delivery.

Will we get images on disc? You bet. I won’t hold your images ransom. You’ll get fully processed high-resolution digital files.

Do you bring backup gear? Always! I shoot with 2 cameras.