Here you can find some moments from previous workshop.


Wedding photography workshop participants’ comments:


Aljoša, thank you once again for all your efforts invested in this workshop. Everything was really the top of the top, from location, styling, our couple (Mario and Carolina) could not be better, but hat off to you, Aljoša. I loved your individual approach and how you shared your experiences with all of us and I really enjoyed that relaxed atmosphere you created.  I am honoured to have been able to learn from such a recognised photographer. I’ve gained a lot of new knowledge this weekend, but above all I am now freshly motivated.
I don’t have any complaints…

Thank you again, and I hope to see you again sometime.
Have a nice day,

Hello Aljoša,

The workshop exceeded my expectations in many ways. You shared a lot of useful tips and suggestions with us very openly, honestly and selflessly – it feels like I found a completely new perspective during those two days, and it all reflects in my photos. You spared me countless hours of learning from my own mistakes, and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from and beside you. I was also impressed by your passion for what you do – this energy was present throughout the workshop and gave it an additional positive charge. Above all, you have shown that you are a Man and a Photographer with a capital letter, because I got the feeling that you really want to help us to make progress, and you really want us to succeed. These are the qualities of rare masters. I hope that life pays you back a thousand times what you have given us.

Since I appreciate constructive critique, I have been trying to come up with something that could have been done better, but nothing really comes to mind. The course of the workshop – great. Organization, the place, the people, the couple … everything was meaningful and thought through. Rok Potisek and his “wheely” – a truly top idea, I liked that we didn’t waste time for lunch, but had everything at your fingertips all the times instead.

Here is what I see as a special “highlight” in terms of learning and what I think has been most useful:
– The very basic information about organization, approach to work, software, reliable providers, … – information that is probably self-explanatory if one has years of experience, but very valuable to us at the beginning of the journey.
– How you first let us take pictures ourselves, with less guidance, and then you took us to the outer “polygon” and showed us how to think when we are looking for an appropriate setting and light. I thought it was the perfect combination of an independent vs. guided scene search.
– When you (during the “classroom” part :)) showed us the examples of photographs and wanted to demonstrate what to be especially careful about and how to easily improve the photo by simply shifting the frame or perspective.

I heartily thank you again for this priceless experience.
Urška Č.

Dear Aljoša,
I was part of a truly unforgettable wedding photography workshop, held by a world famous and recognised wedding photographer … I can only say THANK YOU! After such a workshop, you get back the inspiration that pushes you forward, and gives you the desire to create something new and makes your head buzz with fresh ideas.


Dear Aljoša,

The night before the workshop, I dreamt that I was preparing for the final exams. When I woke up in the morning, I intuitively knew that my dreams were telling me that your photo workshop represents something important to me, something exciting but also scary at the same time.
When I met the rest of the smiling workshop participants in Velenje, I suddenly felt that the day in their company would be pleasant and creative.
What made the photographic event picture perfect was the magnificently beautiful ambience of the Gutenbuchel castle and the young couple in love, who wasn’t only extremely photogenic, but they also exuded incredible energy.
Despite the fact that throughout the day the whole event was very dynamic, I did not feel any haste or pressure, because I was enjoying taking photos immensely.
I was also glad that you came to me every so often and sincerely asked: “How are you doing, do you need help, try shooting it like that …”
Catering gave the final touch to the whole event, because the warm drinks not only cleared my mind, but also thawed my cold fingers, and the prepared snacks were more than delicious…
The day ended with a great dinner and a relaxed chat.
I only regret that we, the workshop enthusiasts, were probably too tired to dance even though tasty cocktails and music were inviting us to the dance floor and our minds were probably already occupied by selecting and editing photographs taken during the day…
The next day all the participants met to check out the photographic material and you gave us the participation certificates just before we left. I remember feeling immensely cheerful and honoured, and I even laughed at my dreams, as during the two days I spent in Velenje and Šoštanj, it felt like I had graduated but not only from high school but even college …
At the workshop, I met great people, made crazy good photos and my hunch that it is necessary to follow my heart and dreams was confirmed…
Thank you once again for everything; I hope you’ll stay true to yourself and everything you do!