Tuscany wedding photographer


LOVE them!! Great job Aljosa- you really captured the fun we were all having and how beautiful and happy the couple are!

We found some of Aljosa’s work while perusing a wedding blog’s instagram account about 2 days after getting engaged. It was a long shot – we only had 3 months until the date. Philippe was based in Toronto, Canada, I was based in London, UK. We were dreaming of a small wedding in Certaldo, Tuscany at a villa we had already booked for a family vacation through Airbnb and then there was Aljosa – based in Slovenia, with these incredible wedding stories on his website with a photo style that was just perfect for us. Could all of the stars align? We loved his documentary/editorial approach, his photos told a story from the perspective of an attentive observer, capturing these really beautiful and intimate scenes throughout a wedding. We held our breath and sent an email asking if he was free on a Tuesday in May to come to Italy. To our surprise (and excitement!) – he accepted.

Aljosa and Martina arrived a couple of days before the wedding and scouted some spectacular spots for the shoot. They were there with us during all the activities leading up to the ceremony, including a wine tour and ravioli making class where we prepared all the food for the wedding feast. Throughout, Aljosa and Martina were amazingly friendly, easy-going, helpful and above all extremely professional. They fit in perfectly with our guests and truly exceeded every expectation we had of them. We feel so lucky to have had such an incredible team of talented photographers documenting this surreal experience (not to mention that Martina just happened to be a skilled make-up artist, she was a lifesaver on the day!).

The wedding was a whirlwind through the most beautiful scenery we have ever seen, with our dearest friends and family from all over the world by our side. These photos bring us right back to that moment. Now as we share the images with family and friends who couldn’t be there, everyone agrees that Aljosa’s photographs tell our story perfectly: it looks (and was!) like a dream.

Thank you so much for everything, Aljosa and Martina, you were incredible!
xx She & P